Wildebeest Cafe, Falmouth Cornwall Vegan (dairy free) and delicious!

Last year we holiday end in Flushing which is just across the water from Falmouth. No-Moo Mum found a super little cafe restaurant in Falmouth called Wildebeest. They serve vegan food, so it is dairy free, but not always soya free, so you have to ask, but the owners are brilliant and their allergy bible is always on nearby to help you. 

This was not our children’s best meal, the flavours were not to their taste, but that did not stop us from enjoying a lovely meal of Tex Mex and also a courgetti quinoa dish. The kids did have some of their excellent houmus and then we raced off with our desserts (which the girls did enjoy (chocolate and peanut butter sorbet and chocolate orange sorbet). I greedily ordered two desserts an espresso chocolate soufflĂ© and a chocolate brownie. No-Moo Mum had the cheesecake with we have had fore and it just amazing.

The restaurant is very small, so worth booking if you are making a special journey. They are only open in the evening and serve food from 5.30pm. There is a rumour that they are selling up, so get it quick.

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