Travelling with the dairy free no-moo family

Holidays and travelling are challenging with a dairy free family. Add Victoria’s gluten free request and it is hard to know where to start. This is how we got through our long car journey.

We are on our way to Cornwall for a week away by the sea. We have been planning the trip for a few weeks with a list of food to take for the stay and most importantly, health and dairy free snacks for the epic journey. We are so organised this time. Our last few annual trips have involved arriving and going to a supermarket or stopping en-route to get all the stuff we thought of during the first leg of the trip.

We are taking a couple of archive boxes to store food in the car without it getting squashed, they will also collapse down for the route home.  We also borrow a very good freezer bag from a friend to keep the fruit, sandwiches and Oatley milk cool among other cold stuffs like mayonnaise cold for the 2 days we take to drive to Cornwall.

Despite this, the car is still as full as it was last year – even with one less suitcase! But it is worth it to know we have the main things to take us through a week without spending loads on stuff we already have at home and will inevitably buy again and take back because  we don’t finish it. We also remembered kitchen towel, foil and cling film, although I forget paper plates and plastic cutlery which are for lunch on the second leg of our journey. We will cross the bridge when we come to it.

I have already made a variety of rolls for the girls: smoked salmon, Milano salami and sliced chicken breast cut into quarters to keep them fuelled in small portions in case we were driving and eating. I have prepared a big watercress salad with hard boiled eggs for No-moo mum and I grabbed yesterdays home-made pizza that the girls had not finished.

The plan was to hit the road by 9am (it is 10am and we just left and still need fuel) we want to be in Bath for lunch.


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