The Chagford cafe, Dartmoor, Devon. Dairy free AND Gluten free AND delicious!

Stopping on a long journey for lunch can be more annoying than pleasure, but with some research it is possible to find hidden gems of cafes and restaurants that cater for allergies and cook amazing fresh food.

We usually travel into Cornwall via the old Dartmoor road, it is so pretty and very quiet, unlike the main drag of the A30 which can be very busy and does not afford many places to stop. In the pas, we have stopped at the village of Moretonhampton on the edge of Dartmoor, but this time we take a detour through that village and on to a small but stunning spot called Chagford. There, in a place called The Courtyard, is a tiny health food shop and cafe which is run on a not for profit basis. 

NoMooMum found this place online and it is absolutely worth the 10 minute detour. The village is beautiful, but bustling with activity, it has a European feel, you could be in France . The cafe is tucked behind the square through a wrought iron gate. There are tables outside and the staff make everything from scratch. The houmus is sublime and the courgette and onion bajie are amazing little fritters which are delicately spiced served with noodles and salad. The kids have a tomato soup and some fresh made bread. Today, they also have lovely cakes including a lemon polenta cake that’s dairy and gluten free and apple upside down cake that is dairy free.

We will be back…

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