About The No-Moo Dairy-Free Guide

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We are a dairy free family who have decided to help other parents by blogging about our dairy free world. We will show you recipes, restaurants, destinations, shopping tips and work arounds to a minimum hassle dairy free world.

If you have a cows milk protein intolerance come and join our adventures.

No-Moo Mum – Victoria

I am a Mum of two gorgeous, funny, busy and slightly fussy dairy and soya intolerant girls. I am a stay at home Mum which I love sometimes and feel slightly demented by the rest of the time. Cooking and baking is my relaxation (along with ironing, weird I know and that totally came out of nowhere when the girls were little) I have always loved to cook and bake so I am always on the search for ways to make meal times more interesting.

As we are all dairy and soya free everything we eat is moo soy free! I am also recently gluten free. My aim is to provide interesting ideas, food products and recipes for other Mummies with moo free, soy free children.

Along with cooking I love to workout and have become a huge fan of clean eating. I am now Gluten Free too. I feel so much better for it so whilst all of what I post is not strictly ‘clean’ I do try to minimise nasties out of all our diets. My husband is very long suffering putting up with all us girls. We also have a rag-doll cat called Lola.

No Moo Dad – Thomas

Looking back, I probably suffered from a cows milk protein intolerance as a child. I recall frequently throwing up at school when I was about 6 following a breakfast of milky ReadyBrek and a bottle of milk at school which probably tipped me over the edge. This was forty-years ago when it was unheard of to not consume dairy products and I was classed as a bit sickly.

I mostly grew out of the intolerance, although I never felt 100% if I had a lot of dairy. It was not until I was in my mid-twenties when I was suddenly struck down with a violent stomach pain and what was diagnosed as IBS by a London GO who had way too many patients with serious mental health conditions to be worried about investigating my case in much depth. I was prescribed an anti-depressant called Imipramine and sent on my way. I lasted two days before looking for better answers and I started a food diary and realised very quickly that dairy was my nemesis. I was instantly better.  Some time later I realised that broccoli and a small number of other vegetables also affected me.

I write about travelling with a no-moo intolerance and in particular easting out.