Rick Stein Fish & Chips uses dairy free batter.

dairy free fish and cips

Great dairy free take-away fish and chips

We have found a good quality chippy in Cornwall that makes dairy free batter and better still they don’t look at you funny when you ask about dairy free and have an allergen menu available!

We have been to Rick Stein’s chippy in Padstow and Falmouth in previous years. It is pretty good, not the best choppy we have ever been to, that prize goes to Godfreys in Harpenden, but Rick Stein does a top job. As you would expect, it is great quality, sustainable fish and the dairy free batter is light and crisp. The chips are not quite as good as our local, I am not sure they are twice cooked at Steins place, or if they are, they are not left long enough to crisp up. Annoyingly, they used to do a John Dory in batter which was amazing, but that is not on the take away menu so we settled for Haddock and some kids portions or cod and chips, which were huge.  Take a look at the menu.

It is worth getting to Rick Steins fish and chip shop early for lunch or dinner because the queues build up, if you leave it as late as 6pm, you may find there is a 30 minute queue for the take-away or more and the restaurant area will have even longer wait times. At lunch time we started queuing for the restaurant half an hour before they opened to secure a table in the first sitting.

You can also buy the batter mix and a variety of other Rick Stein items in the deli shop next door or in the chippy itself. Or you can make it your self, see the recipe from Rick’s book here.

They also sell alcohol 🙂

This time we enjoyed a take away which we ate in the car parked on the harbour front which was a pretty good setting.

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