Possibly the best Thai food takeaway and delivery ever….and it is dairy free!

A couple of years ago, we were staying at Merlin Farm on our first daily holiday in Cornwall. Merlin Farm was a great place to start out and you can read my Trip Advisor review here. The owners of Merlin Farm knew a Thai lady who was running a small delivery business out of her kitchen in St. Eval. The food was delivered or collected hot and ready to eat in the evenings but you can also order chilled or frozen Thai or Chinese style food which is way to reheat in a microwave or on the hob. 

Baan Waan Thai is run by Lek Gregory who also happens to work at the Bre-Pen farm shop in Mawgan Porth and sells her  Thai food there, you can find it in the freezer cabinet. 

Some of our readers will know that No-Moo Mum and Dad got married on Koh Samui. No-Moo Mum has spent a while travelling in Thailand and doing cookery courses and we both LOVE good Thai food, but it is surprisingly hard to find really authentic tasting Thai dishes in the UK. Some of this is down to the ingredients which can be hard to come by. But there is clearly a cultural issue with many Thai restaurants in the UK cooking up the kind of Thai food they think their customers (many of whom will never have been to Thailand to experience the relatively simple dishes but with really complex flavours) want. At home, our local Thai restaurant is not owned by Thai people and it shows, the food is distinctly average and lacks the delicate flavours and spice, instead attacking you with harsh heat of chilli’s. We have always looked for a Thai food that is as good as sitting in a beach restaurant on a Thai island with a Singha beer and the sea lapping your feet…We may have found it…

Two years ago, at a loose end for what to do for dinner and not wanting to cook, we took a chance and picked up the Baan Waan menu and ordered some food. We had no idea how good it was going to be, we were literally blown away by just how outstanding this food was….and it was dairy free! We liked it so much we ordered more to take home for our arrival dinner. 

I don’t know how we had forgotten about Baan Waan this time, I don’t think we had exactly forgotten, but we had not remembered how to contact them, they are not high on the search engines. I just figured we would not find them and had not remembered the Bre-Wen farm shop link until we were there and spotted the containers in the freezer and then saw Lek working there.

We had two nights of Baan Waan Thai food this time, we had to be careful as some of the dishes have soy sauce in them and are not suitable for the girls, but they enjoyed the Green curry and especially the very delicately flavoured masaman. We took a green and red curry home as well and a Pagnan chicken and a couple of masaman’s. The special rice is super too, although it also contains soy sauce. 

We did not have the Pad Thai this trip, because you need to order it fresh and hot, but if you get the chance, please try it… it is phenomenal!

With the farm shop potentially closing, you will need to contact Lek directly via their website and either go and get their wonderful food from their house which is a few minutes away from Mawgan Porth or ask Lek’s husband to deliver the food to you for a small charge if you are more than 3 miles away. The menu is on their website. 

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