Kids’ party food for the moo free

Picture the scene my oldest comes bursting out of school a big grin and weighed down with her book bag that still seems nearly as big as her. ‘Mummy look I’ve been invited to so and so’s party’…

My initial reaction is happy that she has another party to attend and friends that want her to be at their party, but then the worry of the party food creeps in and trusting the parent who says its fine they can deal with it…

Anyway we go home, check the diary and RSVP.  I always imagine the parent who gets my text saying ‘thank you for the invite to so and so’s party, my daughter would love to come. She is dairy and soya free’ groans very loudly at that point. I agonise over the next sentence – I don’t want to come across as a control freak but I am. So I write ‘very happy to bring food or provide suggestions, whatever works best for you’. What I really want to write is, only cater for her if you read every label twice and truly understand dairy free and soya free, please let me bring some food I know she can eat and then I won’t worry…  Its so hard I don’t want to come across as bossy but at the end of the day my daughter is the one who will suffer if she eats something she shouldn’t. Luckily all the Mums and Dads have been great so far.

We are now halfway through my daughters reception year so we have been to quite a few parties and we have had no disasters yet! In fact I have been blown away by the amount of effort that some of the other Mums have gone to in order to accommodate my daughter.

If I need to provide suggestions here is my list of party foods that seems to tick the boxes for the dairy and non dairy kids.

1. Ham/Jam sandwiches are always a good bet. I always offer to bring sandwiches as its a nuisance to go and buy a special margarine for one child. I normally take hummus sandwiches as we always have hummus at home.

2. Hula hoops (plain) and Pom bears* (original) are both good and seem to be the crisp of choice at the parties we attend.

3. Carrot sticks/cucumber sticks.

4. Mini pre cooked sausages.

5. Mini boxes of raisins are quite handy although expensive so I sometimes take a box just in case.

6. Party rings* are brilliant. All the kids seem to love them and they are dairy free yay!

7. Grapes easy and the kids love them.

8. I always offer to bring a cake or cookie that my daughter can have instead of birthday cake. Mini packs of oreos* are great, or Mrs Crimbles coconut macaroons they both available at our local Coop as inevitably I will have forgotten about the party until last minute.

My daughter is really accepting and totally understands she can’t have dairy and that sometimes she eats differently to the other kids but thats ok.

At the moment I attend the parties so I can make sure she eats the right food. She likes me coming to the parties for now! Not quite sure how am going to deal with it when I am the only Mum left standing there and I have to trust she eats the right food! Sounds like another post…!

* be aware these do contain Soya Lecithins. In our case we are ok with this type of soya, what we struggle with is anything with soya protein in.

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I am a Mum of two gorgeous, funny, busy and slightly fussy dairy and soya intolerant girls.
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