Oh my! Genuine dairy free Italian ice cream in Falmouth, Cornwall!

Stop the press! It looks like ice-cream, it tastes like ice-cream but it is dairy free, water based real Italian ice cream. YES! We found ice cream in Cornwall and its glorious!

We have come to Falmouth for dinner at one of No-Moo Mums favourite restaurants, Weldebeest and also to see the Red Arrows display as part of the Falmouth Festival week. As we are strolling up the main shopping street No-Moo Mum saw the ice cream shop and this sign. Usually, when you see a sign saying there are some dairy free options, you expect a couple of flavours, so imagine our shock when  we ask what is available as dairy free ice cream and they say, then entire bottom row!

They let us try a variety of flavours and let me assure you, they are all amazing. I still cannot understand how dairy free ice cream, made with water can be this creamy. The mint chocolate chip flavour is as good as the Cornetto’s I remember as a child, but cannot indulge in anymore.  The girls had amazing strawberry flavour. The cones are also dairy free.

This is so good, that it is worth travelling to. 

It is called Cuiri Cuiri. You can also find them on social media here. 

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