Hurrah for Padstow, Cornwall – we found a dairy free sorbet in a dairy free ice cream cone!

When the sun is out, there is always that dairy free parent guilt that your children cannot have ice-cream like the other kids. We told our dairy free children that when the ice cream van plays its music, it meant that it had run out of ices! Once they were older and understood the dairy free thing a bit more, we also showed them that when an ice cream van has a cow on the side, it is not suitable for them (they nearly all have a cow on them!)  These tactics have kept us out of trouble, but we have since introduced them to the occasional joy of fruit lollies, although they are so full of sugar and other rubbish that  you have to get over that too. 

On holiday, we try to indulge them a bit and find a place that sells sorbet. In Padstow at Harbour ices, we found a place! They also have dairy free cones. Well worth a visit 🙂

The girls had strawberry and mango cones. They were very pleased and quite tasty. They also have gluten free ice cream cones available.

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