Dairy free shopping in Cornwall

It is amazing how far you can drive to find a supermarket in Cornwall. We have previously done a mix of Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and farm shops as we have passed the various stores. But the free-from ranges in supermarkets are limited in many of these smaller stores on the coast and frankly, the whole range is limited compared to what we are used to having access to from Ocado. Unfortunately, Ocado don’t deliver to the parts of Cornwall we go to. We did a quick trip to Padstow Tesco on our first day away, just to get some dinner items as our dinner plans were changed and we were eating in. It is a small store and on a peak season Saturday, it is decimated, some of the aisles looked more like a Soviet era supermarket as the holiday makers had raided the shelves.

We much prefer to buy fresh produce from farm shops where the money stays in the local economy and the produce is high quality with very low food mileage. We stopped at a farm shop just near Harlyn Bay which we did not appreciate was affiliated to Rick Stein (sometimes it is a struggle to find something not linked to him in the Padstow area!) This was actually a pretty poor selection and very over priced. Although there were a few good beers.

We then remembered that a couple of years ago we had been to a great little farm shop just outside Mawgan Porth on the way to Newquay called Bre-Pen. We made a trip over there on Sunday morning and it is as good as ever. Amazing local beef, lamb and pork (you can buy a whole lamb which grew up less than 10 metres from the shop, cut into joints for £65!) The best thing is that this shop cooks its own dairy free Cornish pasty and sausage roll on the premises using genuinely local ingredients. This may be the best Cornish pasty we have ever tasted. We will be back for more because they sell frozen ones which we will take home. The filling is perfect, not full of gravy, but great quality steak chunks and potato.There is no cream (take note Chough Bakery!) and a wonderful traditional dairy free pastry crust. 

The Bre-Pen also sells wonderful Thai food made by a lovely Thai lady who lives up the road, more on this in a futile post.

The sad news is that the owners of the Bre-Pen are probably closing after the 2016 season, so make sure you pop along and show your support and convince them not to retire!

To get to Bre-Pen, as you come up the hill from the beach towards the airport junction, look for a small sign on the right, just as you go over the brow of the hill, blink and you will miss it. They also have lovely vegetables, condiments and beers as well as good fresh breads and genuinely farm fresh eggs laid by the hens who greet you on the way in to the shop.

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