Dairy free car journey with children

On our long journey to Cornwall with our dairy free children, we are stopping at Bath in Somerset. We were there a few weeks ago and it seems a nice place to re-visit and stretch our legs while having our packed lunch.

We had not really thought through the exact lunch spot, but consulted the National Trust guide and found a xxx Park, a beautiful hillside landscape with one of only four Palladian bridges as its centrepiece, although the mansion (that is now a school) is pretty impressive at the top of the hill.

Lunch was well received, we had staved off hunger by providing fruit and home-made flapjacks, a recipe my mother had passed to No-moo mum which she had perfected using Pure dairy free spread.

The park has a lovely team room set by the lake with ducks and swans wandering / floating around, No-moo mum had suggested ice lollies at the tea room as a reward for all the walking, but there were lollies nor a dairy free option. I never understand how even small cabins cannot consider selling something as basic as a fruit lolly when they have a huge range of ice-cream flavours. In any case, as all good dairy free parents know, it is best to have a back up plan – Oreo’s are a fabulous and surprising dairy-free treat and now they come in snack packs which make them jolly useful.

Suitably energised, we were able to power back up the very steep hill and back to the car where we were all awarded a jelly baby for good walking. We ventured onward to our hotel on the other side of Bristol, snacking on flapjacks and raisins to keep energy levels up.

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