Cornish Pasties everywhere but not a dairy free one to eat…

It frustrates me that the original Cornish Pasty WA dairy free. Made with lard and definitely no butter, nor as The Chough Bakery may have you believe: CREAM! It is staggering that the so-called Pasty Awards allow such sacrilege, but apparently adding alien dairy products to pasties is worthy of the a gold medal.

A visit to Padstow means you are faced with wall-to-wall pasty shops but the challenge is to find a dairy free traditional pasty. This task is made more difficult because the shops change their recipes and so what I am about to tel you may not be right by next season, so always check with the staff before committing.

We visited all the pasty shops in the main Padstow drag around the harbour and found just one dairy-free pasty. The Cornish Bakery is the place to go, but you must ask for a medium, traditional steak pasty (see picture).  They also do dairy free sausage rolls. 

I am not professing that these are the best pasties you will ever taste. They are far from it. The filling was not very good was not great quality, a bit too much thick gravy and not well seasoned. It tasted cheap. The hunt for the best dairy free pasty continues. If you are in the Lizard area then I will add another link in my Dairy Free Cornwall guide at the weekend.

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