Breakfast in a hotel with milk allergy children.

Hotels are expensive places to eat breakfast at the best of times. If your children don’t eat dairy, then you can end up paying for them to access a buffet that they cannot enjoy. When breakfast is included in the room rate, it is not so bad, we usually get them a bacon roll and bring our won dairy free spread and Oatley milk. But on this trip, because we are bringing food for the week with us, we are going to dine in our room and I am making breakfast.

I have kept the food we need to access near the top of our packing and there is dairy free spread and Oatley milk in the cool bag, this has been kept pretty well cold for the last 24 hours. The girls are having Alphabites dairy free cereal and half a brown roll each from Simmons bakery in Hertforddshire because we had some left over from our picnic. 

I forgot the little plastic bowls and plastic cutlery, which I was planning to serve this in, but while thinking about this overnight, decided to Mae this into a fun mistake but serving their cereal in the coffee cups they have in their room and they can use the teaspoons to eat with.

This was super easy, no washing up and they thought it was a treat to watch TV on their bed and eat breakfast. 

NOMooMum and I bought the Bamix blender and are having Shakeology. Annoyingly, British hotels do not have ice machines, unlike most US hotels I stay in, so I have to trek to the bar to find some ice , but we saved the best part of £50 by avoiding the hotel breakfast buffet. 

Now we can start the final push into Cornwall.

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