The No Moo Dairy Free Guide to Cornwall

This is a summary of the best dairy free places we have found on our Cornwall travels.

Rick Stein’s Fish & Chips Padstow and Falmouth

Pre-Ben Farm Shop for sausage rolls and traditional steak pasty treats made fresh with local meat and produce. Mawgan Porth.

Baan Waan Thai (and Chinese style) take-away and delivery ready meals (hot and cold). St. Eval.

Wildebeest Vegan Cafe, Falmouth

Ciuri Ciuri Dairy Free Ice Cream Parlour, Falmouth.


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Rick Stein Fish & Chips uses dairy free batter.

dairy free fish and cips

Great dairy free take-away fish and chips

We have found a good quality chippy in Cornwall that makes dairy free batter and better still they don’t look at you funny when you ask about dairy free and have an allergen menu available!

We have been to Rick Stein’s chippy in Padstow and Falmouth in previous years. It is pretty good, not the best choppy we have ever been to, that prize goes to Godfreys in Harpenden, but Rick Stein does a top job. As you would expect, it is great quality, sustainable fish and the dairy free batter is light and crisp. The chips are not quite as good as our local, I am not sure they are twice cooked at Steins place, or if they are, they are not left long enough to crisp up. Annoyingly, they used to do a John Dory in batter which was amazing, but that is not on the take away menu so we settled for Haddock and some kids portions or cod and chips, which were huge.  Take a look at the menu.

It is worth getting to Rick Steins fish and chip shop early for lunch or dinner because the queues build up, if you leave it as late as 6pm, you may find there is a 30 minute queue for the take-away or more and the restaurant area will have even longer wait times. At lunch time we started queuing for the restaurant half an hour before they opened to secure a table in the first sitting.

You can also buy the batter mix and a variety of other Rick Stein items in the deli shop next door or in the chippy itself. Or you can make it your self, see the recipe from Rick’s book here.

They also sell alcohol 🙂

This time we enjoyed a take away which we ate in the car parked on the harbour front which was a pretty good setting.

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Porthcothan Beach, Cornwall sells dairy free sorbet and lollies.

We stumbled across Porthcothan beach as an alternative to the more surf orientated Constantine bay. So glad we did. As we wandered past the beach shop and cafe, we noticed they advertised that they sold sorbets. We know that there is no guarantee that they are dairy free but it was a great start. 

In the afternoon, I went to check out what was on offer and not only found the usual brand lollies and some mango and passion fruit sorbet but also Delipops which are handmade natural ice lollies made in St. Agnes, Cornwall.

There were a couple of flavours, but DD1 chose Strawberry which was very good indeed. It seems that these lollies won the Taste of the West Award in 2015. 

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Wildebeest Cafe, Falmouth Cornwall Vegan (dairy free) and delicious!

Last year we holiday end in Flushing which is just across the water from Falmouth. No-Moo Mum found a super little cafe restaurant in Falmouth called Wildebeest. They serve vegan food, so it is dairy free, but not always soya free, so you have to ask, but the owners are brilliant and their allergy bible is always on nearby to help you. 

This was not our children’s best meal, the flavours were not to their taste, but that did not stop us from enjoying a lovely meal of Tex Mex and also a courgetti quinoa dish. The kids did have some of their excellent houmus and then we raced off with our desserts (which the girls did enjoy (chocolate and peanut butter sorbet and chocolate orange sorbet). I greedily ordered two desserts an espresso chocolate soufflé and a chocolate brownie. No-Moo Mum had the cheesecake with we have had fore and it just amazing.

The restaurant is very small, so worth booking if you are making a special journey. They are only open in the evening and serve food from 5.30pm. There is a rumour that they are selling up, so get it quick.

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Oh my! Genuine dairy free Italian ice cream in Falmouth, Cornwall!

Stop the press! It looks like ice-cream, it tastes like ice-cream but it is dairy free, water based real Italian ice cream. YES! We found ice cream in Cornwall and its glorious!

We have come to Falmouth for dinner at one of No-Moo Mums favourite restaurants, Weldebeest and also to see the Red Arrows display as part of the Falmouth Festival week. As we are strolling up the main shopping street No-Moo Mum saw the ice cream shop and this sign. Usually, when you see a sign saying there are some dairy free options, you expect a couple of flavours, so imagine our shock when  we ask what is available as dairy free ice cream and they say, then entire bottom row!

They let us try a variety of flavours and let me assure you, they are all amazing. I still cannot understand how dairy free ice cream, made with water can be this creamy. The mint chocolate chip flavour is as good as the Cornetto’s I remember as a child, but cannot indulge in anymore.  The girls had amazing strawberry flavour. The cones are also dairy free.

This is so good, that it is worth travelling to. 

It is called Cuiri Cuiri. You can also find them on social media here. 

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Possibly the best Thai food takeaway and delivery ever….and it is dairy free!

A couple of years ago, we were staying at Merlin Farm on our first daily holiday in Cornwall. Merlin Farm was a great place to start out and you can read my Trip Advisor review here. The owners of Merlin Farm knew a Thai lady who was running a small delivery business out of her kitchen in St. Eval. The food was delivered or collected hot and ready to eat in the evenings but you can also order chilled or frozen Thai or Chinese style food which is way to reheat in a microwave or on the hob. 

Baan Waan Thai is run by Lek Gregory who also happens to work at the Bre-Pen farm shop in Mawgan Porth and sells her  Thai food there, you can find it in the freezer cabinet. 

Some of our readers will know that No-Moo Mum and Dad got married on Koh Samui. No-Moo Mum has spent a while travelling in Thailand and doing cookery courses and we both LOVE good Thai food, but it is surprisingly hard to find really authentic tasting Thai dishes in the UK. Some of this is down to the ingredients which can be hard to come by. But there is clearly a cultural issue with many Thai restaurants in the UK cooking up the kind of Thai food they think their customers (many of whom will never have been to Thailand to experience the relatively simple dishes but with really complex flavours) want. At home, our local Thai restaurant is not owned by Thai people and it shows, the food is distinctly average and lacks the delicate flavours and spice, instead attacking you with harsh heat of chilli’s. We have always looked for a Thai food that is as good as sitting in a beach restaurant on a Thai island with a Singha beer and the sea lapping your feet…We may have found it…

Two years ago, at a loose end for what to do for dinner and not wanting to cook, we took a chance and picked up the Baan Waan menu and ordered some food. We had no idea how good it was going to be, we were literally blown away by just how outstanding this food was….and it was dairy free! We liked it so much we ordered more to take home for our arrival dinner. 

I don’t know how we had forgotten about Baan Waan this time, I don’t think we had exactly forgotten, but we had not remembered how to contact them, they are not high on the search engines. I just figured we would not find them and had not remembered the Bre-Wen farm shop link until we were there and spotted the containers in the freezer and then saw Lek working there.

We had two nights of Baan Waan Thai food this time, we had to be careful as some of the dishes have soy sauce in them and are not suitable for the girls, but they enjoyed the Green curry and especially the very delicately flavoured masaman. We took a green and red curry home as well and a Pagnan chicken and a couple of masaman’s. The special rice is super too, although it also contains soy sauce. 

We did not have the Pad Thai this trip, because you need to order it fresh and hot, but if you get the chance, please try it… it is phenomenal!

With the farm shop potentially closing, you will need to contact Lek directly via their website and either go and get their wonderful food from their house which is a few minutes away from Mawgan Porth or ask Lek’s husband to deliver the food to you for a small charge if you are more than 3 miles away. The menu is on their website. 

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Dairy free shopping in Cornwall

It is amazing how far you can drive to find a supermarket in Cornwall. We have previously done a mix of Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and farm shops as we have passed the various stores. But the free-from ranges in supermarkets are limited in many of these smaller stores on the coast and frankly, the whole range is limited compared to what we are used to having access to from Ocado. Unfortunately, Ocado don’t deliver to the parts of Cornwall we go to. We did a quick trip to Padstow Tesco on our first day away, just to get some dinner items as our dinner plans were changed and we were eating in. It is a small store and on a peak season Saturday, it is decimated, some of the aisles looked more like a Soviet era supermarket as the holiday makers had raided the shelves.

We much prefer to buy fresh produce from farm shops where the money stays in the local economy and the produce is high quality with very low food mileage. We stopped at a farm shop just near Harlyn Bay which we did not appreciate was affiliated to Rick Stein (sometimes it is a struggle to find something not linked to him in the Padstow area!) This was actually a pretty poor selection and very over priced. Although there were a few good beers.

We then remembered that a couple of years ago we had been to a great little farm shop just outside Mawgan Porth on the way to Newquay called Bre-Pen. We made a trip over there on Sunday morning and it is as good as ever. Amazing local beef, lamb and pork (you can buy a whole lamb which grew up less than 10 metres from the shop, cut into joints for £65!) The best thing is that this shop cooks its own dairy free Cornish pasty and sausage roll on the premises using genuinely local ingredients. This may be the best Cornish pasty we have ever tasted. We will be back for more because they sell frozen ones which we will take home. The filling is perfect, not full of gravy, but great quality steak chunks and potato.There is no cream (take note Chough Bakery!) and a wonderful traditional dairy free pastry crust. 

The Bre-Pen also sells wonderful Thai food made by a lovely Thai lady who lives up the road, more on this in a futile post.

The sad news is that the owners of the Bre-Pen are probably closing after the 2016 season, so make sure you pop along and show your support and convince them not to retire!

To get to Bre-Pen, as you come up the hill from the beach towards the airport junction, look for a small sign on the right, just as you go over the brow of the hill, blink and you will miss it. They also have lovely vegetables, condiments and beers as well as good fresh breads and genuinely farm fresh eggs laid by the hens who greet you on the way in to the shop.

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Hurrah for Padstow, Cornwall – we found a dairy free sorbet in a dairy free ice cream cone!

When the sun is out, there is always that dairy free parent guilt that your children cannot have ice-cream like the other kids. We told our dairy free children that when the ice cream van plays its music, it meant that it had run out of ices! Once they were older and understood the dairy free thing a bit more, we also showed them that when an ice cream van has a cow on the side, it is not suitable for them (they nearly all have a cow on them!)  These tactics have kept us out of trouble, but we have since introduced them to the occasional joy of fruit lollies, although they are so full of sugar and other rubbish that  you have to get over that too. 

On holiday, we try to indulge them a bit and find a place that sells sorbet. In Padstow at Harbour ices, we found a place! They also have dairy free cones. Well worth a visit 🙂

The girls had strawberry and mango cones. They were very pleased and quite tasty. They also have gluten free ice cream cones available.

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Cornish Pasties everywhere but not a dairy free one to eat…

It frustrates me that the original Cornish Pasty WA dairy free. Made with lard and definitely no butter, nor as The Chough Bakery may have you believe: CREAM! It is staggering that the so-called Pasty Awards allow such sacrilege, but apparently adding alien dairy products to pasties is worthy of the a gold medal.

A visit to Padstow means you are faced with wall-to-wall pasty shops but the challenge is to find a dairy free traditional pasty. This task is made more difficult because the shops change their recipes and so what I am about to tel you may not be right by next season, so always check with the staff before committing.

We visited all the pasty shops in the main Padstow drag around the harbour and found just one dairy-free pasty. The Cornish Bakery is the place to go, but you must ask for a medium, traditional steak pasty (see picture).  They also do dairy free sausage rolls. 

I am not professing that these are the best pasties you will ever taste. They are far from it. The filling was not very good was not great quality, a bit too much thick gravy and not well seasoned. It tasted cheap. The hunt for the best dairy free pasty continues. If you are in the Lizard area then I will add another link in my Dairy Free Cornwall guide at the weekend.

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The Chagford cafe, Dartmoor, Devon. Dairy free AND Gluten free AND delicious!

Stopping on a long journey for lunch can be more annoying than pleasure, but with some research it is possible to find hidden gems of cafes and restaurants that cater for allergies and cook amazing fresh food.

We usually travel into Cornwall via the old Dartmoor road, it is so pretty and very quiet, unlike the main drag of the A30 which can be very busy and does not afford many places to stop. In the pas, we have stopped at the village of Moretonhampton on the edge of Dartmoor, but this time we take a detour through that village and on to a small but stunning spot called Chagford. There, in a place called The Courtyard, is a tiny health food shop and cafe which is run on a not for profit basis. 

NoMooMum found this place online and it is absolutely worth the 10 minute detour. The village is beautiful, but bustling with activity, it has a European feel, you could be in France . The cafe is tucked behind the square through a wrought iron gate. There are tables outside and the staff make everything from scratch. The houmus is sublime and the courgette and onion bajie are amazing little fritters which are delicately spiced served with noodles and salad. The kids have a tomato soup and some fresh made bread. Today, they also have lovely cakes including a lemon polenta cake that’s dairy and gluten free and apple upside down cake that is dairy free.

We will be back…

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